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Double Drum Dryer
Double Drum Dryer


The Double Drum Dryer is frequently used for products with a moderate viscosity. On the picture can be seen that the product is fed into the nip between the drums, the latter rotate in opposite directions to each other and a thin film of product passes through a gap between both drums. The thickness of this layer can be altered by changing the gap setting. Among the products processed on this type are milk, whey, yeast, various kinds of glues, pigments and waste products.

Double Drum Dryer is widely used in drying granule material in fixed moisture range, all kinds of molding sand in casting industry and blast furnace slag in building/cement industry. Small size clay, small granule material in chemical industry which can't happen chemical effect, high temperature resistance and not have strict control to smoke. According to different moisture requirement for dried material in various industry, finished products water content be able to below 1-0.5%.

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