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The purpose of flaking:
The purpose of flaking is to cool and solidify fusion liquid. The solidified product is shaped thin flake. The flake is capable of conveyance, safekeeping, transportation, and discharging.

Fusion liquid
There is a possibility that the product hardens in the pipe.

It’s possible to carry that by an ordinary conveyer.
Safe Keeping
The fusion liquid is easyto oxidize.

Because it’s a solid,it’s difficult to deteriorate compared with liquid.
Fusion liquid hardens by heat-radiation. Re-heating

It’s possibleto put the flake in a flexible container bag.
Heat-resistance is requested of the filling machine.

Because a handling is easy to do, the flake is easy to discharge.

Summary about Flaker
Cooling water is supplied inside the drum. Melting liquid is stuck in the surface of the drum, is cooled and solidify. The production thing which is Solidified is scratched with a scraper and it is taken.

Supply system of melting liquid
There are 2 ways of supplying system of melting liquid. We recommend easy “Dip feed” of operation control. It’s possible to put the roll for “Top feed” as an option for high viscosity liquid.

Dip feed type:

Melting liquid is poured into the pan.This is standard way and operation control is easy compared with the Top feed type. You can put a liquid level sensor on the pan and adjust the provision.

Top feed type:

The Dip feed type can’t dispose of high viscosity liquid. When viscosity liquid is inserted between the drum and the roll, the high viscosity liquid is stuck in drum. An adjustment in a clearance of the drum and the roll takes time and effort.

The advantage of leveling roll:
When the leveling roll is put on this machine, the thickness of flake can be controlled. When controlling the thickness of the flake, it’s easy to harden low polymer. And the smash is also good. It’s easy to correspond to a change in the viscosity.

Without leveling roll:

The thickness of the flake is decided by the viscosity. When the viscosity changed, the thickness of the flake changes. There is bad influence in a handling.

With leveling roll:

The thickness of the flake becomes uniform by the leveling roll. It’s possible to make a product of the same thickness with the different viscosity.

Cooling system in the drum:
There are 3 ways of cooling system of drum flaker. When the tarnish of the pipes is jammed into a sprayer nozzle, large-scale repairing is needed. So we adopt the jacket type.

Full water type:

Cooling water is filled inthe lower half Inside the drum. The structure is easiness, but because the water which became lukewarm is left, the cooling ability falls.

Sprayer type:

Cooling water is sprayed in the drum. The ability is high, but refuse is sometimes Jammed into a sprayer nozzle. Compressed air is needed.

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